3. Getting Started

3.1. Concept of DATAGERRY

DATAGERRY is an asset management tool (or CMDB), where you can define the data model for your own.

In DATAGERRY objects are stored. An object can be for example a router, server, location or maintenance contract and consists of multiple fields (e.g. management IP, hostname, … of a router). Each field has a specific data type. A datatype could be for example text, checkbox, date, dropdown or many more. The blueprint for an object is defined in an object type.

Object Types are the blueprints for objects. They define the following details for all objects of that type:

  • fields and their datatype

  • object type icon

  • object type name

  • external links

The object type definition can be changed at any time, even if objects of that type already exists. In DATAGERRY we ensure, that only fields that are defined in the type definition were shown.

3.2. Quick Start

To get started with DATAGERRY, do the following steps:

  • Add a new Category for Objects (menu: Framework -> Category)

  • Add a new Object Type (menu: Framework -> Types)

  • Add Objects for your Object Type (menu: Framework -> Objects)